Social Media

The power of Social Media is way bigger than I ever thought was possible. Ok so I am a bit of a Dinosaur  when it comes to social media and internet in general.

I was waiting for Facebook to make me a 2018 Video of the year that had passed, it never happened. I was super disappointed but also realised for a video to be made, you need pictures and posts. A few pictures throughout the whole year might not be enough to make a video. So this year I will post three pictures on facebook and hopefully I will get a video.

But back to Social Media, people are using it on a daily basis and probably every ten seconds as well. I myself uses it a lot. So it should not come as a surprise that someone actually reads my blog, likes my pictures on Instagram and Facebook and also respond to my posts.

So when I got at message from Tenerife regards to my endless pictures from Raft, I was surprised and happy at the same time. A friend of mine lives there, and her sister is currently in Kuala Lumpur as we speak. And due to my recommendation, or my boring pictures of coffee they went to Raft.

They also told them that I had recommended the place and was very pleased with the food and coffee. So word travels fast is all I can say through Social Media.

Good thing I can wholeheartedly recommend them for food and Coffee. Their place has literally become my second home as I love their coffee so much.

So tomorrow we will again grace their doors and enjoy the coffee with good friends and lots of laughter.

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So we are in that time of year where you literally go bananas over presents, cards and stockings. Where you feel like you are running a multibillion company who is about to go bust any minute. Unless you micromanage everything.

So every year we have a discussion regards to the tree, and how to decorate the tree. Not me and the kids, no no. Me and my OCD voice that gives me a lot of grief every year. I really feel that decorating the tree brings out the worse in me and my surroundings.

My poor kids have hardly decorated a tree their whole life as I am getting to upset if they put the wrong colours on my tree.

Yup, it is my tree and my decoration and it is my thing. So last year I had to redo my tree twice as someone pointed out that one of the lights were crocked.

This year I tried a different approach, by letting Amy help me. And oh man was that a test of nerves for me. I had to retain myself for not shouting at her for putting the wrong sized baubles up or at the wrong place.

But we managed to decorate the tree and still keep our sanity. I have only redone a few baubles so far, but there is still time to redo the whole tree.

But I might keep it as it is, since Amy has done most of the decorating. She had fun too, whereas I was a pool of sweat and nerves.

Christmas really brings out the worst and the best in people.

So it looks best when it is dark and the lights shows of it sparkles, and maybe next year we hire someone to decorate it for us

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Now and then there are moments in my life that I think back to those days where life seemed so easy and carefree. Where you never worried about wrinkles or flabby arms and tummy. Where you only lived for the weekend where you did not have any homework or anything else that was more important than to have fun.

Now, there are days where you wonder where all those grey hairs came from, and why all the running does not show and as always living for the weekend. Thinking that this weekend, we will do something fun together as a family. Where in reality we do so much stuff that the weekends are not the family oriented weekends as I would hope to.

I feel we are constantly on the move and trying to cover as much as possible during the weekend that is fun for us all. That is hard, when you have kids who want to do stuff that does not require the parents or just want to be left alone.

The older I get the more I reflect on my life and how fast it flows by. There are moments in my life I wish I could capture and just stay there for ever and ever. Never to let go of that precious moment that meant so much to me, or the moments you just laughed so hard that you never thought you could stop.

The oldest just turned 14 and that is such a wonderful stage in life. He reminds me of myself and I have to so many times tell myself I was probably so much worse than him. Not easy to be a teenager and also try to be a good student, friend and son.

So when his day came and went I so wanted to capture the moment and keep it. Also wanted to go back to when he was a small boy who used to come and cuddle. Not easy to cuddle your mother when you are soooo much taller than her.

I wish life sometimes was not in such a rush to go past me, and also that the greys would take a bit longer to appear. I guess you cannot have it all.



Now when did he become this handsome young man and why is it so hard to have two nice pictures next to each other 🙂


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Korean or Norwegian

A lot of the times during my stay here, I get the question where I am from. And it is a good question because where am I really from.

I would normally say Norway, get confused looks and also a lot of raised eyebrows, and those mmm that gives you a clue they have no idea of what to say next.

Lately though I start by telling people I am from South Korea, but raised in Norway so more Norwegian than Korean. Still a lot of confusing going on, but after a little bit of explanation they get it.

All these questions do make me wonder, especially when they are pretty certain I am not Korean but must be a mix. Hahahahha I wish I knew where I came from to be honest, but I am also settled on the fact I am N0rwegian.

Kids are also getting the random questioning and they try to tell them that parents are from Norway, not somewhere else. Hahahah I have to explain to a lot of parents that my kids get their heights from their dad. He is from Norway and they are all tall over there, then I get the ohs and the ahs.

But I do love the warm climate, Korean food is sooo good and I am a huge fan of korean beauty regime. So maybe a part of me is more Korean than Norwegian. Or is it the other way around, as I am pretty good at cross country, I love Pinnekjøtt and Fårikål and I love to hike up mountains. Well I started to love it after I moved to Bergen, and when you can survive 92 days straight of rain, that makes you a Bergenser as well.

Ha, not easy always to tell people where I am from.

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Sleeping on the job

I am pretty certain I am not the only one who has ever fallen asleep while doing something important.
Like writing something to someone, read a good book or just stared out in space wondering about black wholes.

I fell asleep while I was having my feet scrubbed and treated, it was just soooo nice to sit and be pampered after a really long day.
Well truth be told, it has been a long week after school started with a lot of catching up with other parents. Coffee, lunch and small talk for hours with friends. Friends you have not seen in a long time and new friends that are just trying to make life easier in a new country.

So I felt that I finally had a moment to myself to do my nails so I went in, sat down and started dozing off. I did manage before hitting the snooze button to tell them what colour I wanted. A delicate and light pink, with a hint of glitter.

I told them before they started that I might take a nap, due to being tired. So they just gave me a quilt and I closed my eyes. Man it was good to sleep. I slept for 30 min or so and to my horror when I woke up, my delicate light pink with a hint of glitter, was being transformed into a shocking neon pink colour. Djeeze, what happened and they told me, it was the colour I chose. Eh, no way it was, so we looked again at the colours and then they realised they took the one next to the one I chose. Since I had gel on my nails it was not much to do, so I resigned and let them finish.

Good thing husband thinks the colour is cool, and make me look very tan.  Next time I am not falling asleep, that is for sure.

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Finally school starts again after almost 8 weeks of holidays. Not that I am complaining about being on holiday or having holidays. It is just that it is soooooo long to be at home with kids going crazy. 

I do understand them as well because they are used to being active 24/7 with school, friends and sports. It is hard not to do anything. 

The first weeks are awesome, we are all enjoying sleeping longer and doing absolutely nothing. 
Then as the weeks passes by we realise that we are actually bored to death. All of us, not just one, but all of us. Kids starting to dream about school again and being with friends. 

The downside to being an expat means that most of our friends leave the country to go back to their home countries. And that also means they are going to be gone for at least 6-8 weeks. 

We did go on a holiday this year, had an amazing time and no one wanted to go back to KL at some point. 

But we did and then we still had three more weeks of holidays left. Kids were happy at first, being home surrounded by their toys and PS4. Then as time goes by, as it usually does. They started to get bored again, because it was nothing to do. 

Nothing means, pool is to cold, playground to hot and no kids to play with. 

Seriously when school starts again on Monday, I will do my happy dance the minute the door closes on me and they are off to school. And after I have done that I will look at some holiday just for me. Or just dream about the holidays we just had. 


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Update again

Another year another update about our life here in Malaysia.

When the first year flew by, I was not certain what to expect and then before we knew it another year had passed us by.
Now we have been here three years and according to my son I am not able to pronounce the word three properly. Good thing I am writing and not speaking then.

Three years and boy have we been having too much fun and too much of sad good byes. Life as an expat brings a lot of fun and new stuff to embrace but also a lot of sad good byes.

We been traveling a bit more than just Thailand, we went to Cambodia and had an amazing time in a very poor country with a lot of temples.
The fact that you get to see Angkor Wat is just mindblowing and makes the stay here in Malaysia even better. Short distance to travel to awesome places that are on our bucket list.

Kids bucket list contains countries like Japan, Korea and Vietnam, so we better start saving is all I can say. Japan has Disney World, Korea is just a high tech country and Vietnam due to the food. We got our priorities right when it comes to choosing places to go.

This holiday has been spent in Thailand again,  as we just love that country. We love the food, the beaches and the easy access from KL. It was the best holiday ever with beaches everyday, spicy food, sunbathing and just relaxing.

Problem with holiday is that kids tend to grow a lot during those weeks. For some reasons it is just like they need to have a growth spurt while I am still at standstill. So I am starting to look like this really short lady and need to wear heels all the time.

Alexander is ready for Year 9 and will be prepping for IGSCE and the choices he has. Amy is in Year 5 and I feel so old when I look at my kids and wonder what happened.

We are still very happy here in KL and I am keeping myself very busy with PR work, school work and of course the social part of being an Expat.

This year we made a promise to each other to try new things. To break some boundaries and be more exploring of what life has to offer. My deal is to play Fortnite with my son, and the last time I tried to play something on PS4 I ended up running backwards while kicking myself. So this will definitely be one of those out-of-my-comfort zone experience and I might even like it. So keep an eye open for my playing if you have kids or play yourself.


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Even though I do not have many readers or followers, I still managed to get a lot of spam. And I mean a lot.

On a good day I will have around 100 comments regarding absolutely nothing that has to do with my blog. Most of them are commercial regards different thins I did not even think I needed.

It is funny to read some of them, and others I simply cannot read as I do not understand what kind of languages they are written in.

But it means someone is reading my blog and thinking they can send med advertisements for their products. I just wish they did not have a chain of people attached to their comments.

But then again I should not be complaining because I do have followers. Just not the kind of people I thought would be reading my blog.

So I need to take it up a notch or two, to make it more fun interesting and readable. So I am going to wrap my head around a few topics and see how it goes.

Wish me luck ya all.

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Social Media and coffee

Everyday I wake up to the most amazing sunrise there is. And almost everyday I take a picture of it and remind myself that I need to share this on social media.

Lucky for you I do not post the same image everyday on my social media, because no matter how beautiful I think it is, you might have a different point of view.

I have looked at my social media history and boy is that a sad one to look at. I hardly post pictures of my kids or myself for that matter. I never have any good pictures of scenery either to post. But what I do post is pictures of coffee, coffee coffee and some more coffee.

It might look like I am a coffee addict, but truth be told, I only drink it once a day. I do love coffee and have very strong opinions about this, so for that one cup a day it has to be amazing. I do love it strong, full on flavours and of course that amazing art I am getting to used to.

So I am that boring coffee posting lady on social media and maybe one day I will post something else. Like the nature, birds and of course my scary gekko

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Workout ?

Before kids I would actually go to the gym a lot. I had all the time in the world and I enjoyed it. Now who would not enjoy the gym in their 20ties. I mean we did not need a diet for years to loose those few extra pounds or event detox for months to just loose something.
Nah, we just needed to drink sleep and party all weekend to loose those extra pounds and hit the gym now and then.

Now when you realise that you are getting older it takes soooo long to even look like you lost a pound. Also the pounds you loose is at places you really wish you had those extra pounds. And when you gain, you gain them where you really wish you did not gain them. It feels like a lose -lose situation.

But for the last five months I have been leading a group of parents from school on a walk through the jungle. We walk from school and end up at TTDI. It is about 1,5 hour walk and then we either walk back or go straight to get our smoothies or juices before heading back.

If someone said that I would be doing this before we moved I probably would have laughed loud.

After kids, my exercise regime became non existing and I did not workout for years. Then I did train for a 5k run and stopped when the run was over. So for years I have been doing as little as possible.

Moved to KL, all the time in the world and all the other women looking amazing I felt I had to do something.

So now I am hooked on exercising and walking through the jungle. The jungle brings on big hills up and down plus a lot of fun and laughter. We also get company by monkeys all the time too. 

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